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Mega-Pipe: Creating a virtually inexhaustible lead resource

Published: 3 years 162 days ago

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in any sales organization.  

“I know I can close the deal.  But where do I find people who will buy my products and services, and how do I get in front of them?”

Huge Sales PipelineMost agents CRAVE warm leads.  Most agents WANT set appointments.  And not to beat a dead horse, let’s skip the prospecting phase completely and take me to closing opportunities.

After all it’s human nature – seeking the path of least resistance, right?  After all, eating the food is much better than plowing the field, planting the seed, or preparing the meal, right?

Here’s the million-dollar question and we already know your answer.  How many of you desire a pipeline of inexhaustible opportunities?

Dumb question, we know.

iProcess has a solution.  It will require your participation, yet most members who follow our direction claim they can create a ‘Mega-Pipe’ within a few weeks.

Do you have a better offer?  If so, stop wasting your time with this blog!

Mega-Pipe Construction Begins HERE.

Follow this outline to start the creation of your Mega-Pipe.  Click on the HERE button above if you want access to more info and resources.

Step 1 – Create a Natural Market
Step 2 – Identify Your Interaction Buttons
Step 3 – Plug In and Power Up

The first step is to create a natural market.  Sit down and list every person you know or have an avenue to know, what relationship you enjoy with them, and their contact information.  Put this data in a format that will allow you to use it and make notes as needed.  An excel file works, a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) program is better.

The second step is not difficult.  You must figure out what that potential outreach can do to further your business interests.  Will they be a potential customer?  Will they be a referral partner?  Will they open the door for you to work with centers of influence like the Chamber of Commerce or BNI?  Identify what buttons to push.

The third step is the outreach phase, which iProcess refers to as the ‘Plug In and Power Up’ aspect of building a Mega-Pipe.  Call your prospect, or meet them face to face.  Help them understand what you offer, why you made a career change, and ASK them to help you achieve success.  Many will smile, nod, and do nothing.  Some will help.  A few will become your advocate and feed you opportunities.

Creating your natural market is the first step in building your Mega-Pipe.  Most agents have indicated that they can identify on average 270 relationships, and those who are diligent and effective when building relationships state that roughly 15% of their natural market actively refer them business (that’s at least one referral a month).

What could you do with over 40 warm referrals a month?  And that’s just for starters.  We haven’t even touched on creating your vertical market campaign!

We will continue this discussion regarding how to create a Mega Pipe in a future blog post.  Or…
If you would like to learn more about iProcess, click the link below.  We are not an ISO – we are a relationship that CAN help you succeed in the merchant services space.

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