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Un-Selling: The power of NO when closing a deal

Published: 3 years 107 days ago

It seems so many sales books are in a race to get the customer to say ‘yes’ that the power of ‘no’ is often overlooked.

During a sales discussion, there are typically two people in the room – the ‘sell-er’ and the ‘sell-ee’.

The seller wants to sell their product and is focused on the prospect agreeing to the sale, whereas the seller is often so concerned that they may be ‘sold’ something that they actively create barriers to the sale.

Selling is to many a one sided event where one or the other party stands to lose.

The sales person doesn’t ‘close’ the sale, doesn’t get the ‘yes’, and as such they lose.

The customer is wary of the sale, is fearful they will ‘buy’, and as such they lose.

NO!Let’s do something completely crazy.  How does this look when, as sales facilitators, we go for the ‘no’ instead of the ‘yes’.

What if we UN-SELL for a change.

Try this out next time you are presenting and things are going south fast.  Try un-selling yourself.  It might look like this:

‘All right Mr. Prospect, let’s take my company out of play for a moment.  It might be that we aren’t the right fit.  Where does that leave you?  What improvements are you looking for now that we aren’t in the running?  Is it reducing costs or improving productivity?”

You just told the potential customer ‘I give.  I’ll accept your no.”  You also followed up with a request to know which of two favorable outcomes are they trying to pursue.

The power of NO when combined with an ‘either-or’ question.

ALWAYS ask an ‘either-or’ question when you have accepted a clients ‘no decision’ response.  You will 99 times out of a hundred get a truthful ‘knee jerk’ reaction to your question, one you can build on.

By addressing the customers actual concerns up front, while eliminating their anxiety of being pressured into a sale, you will typically be able to build trust and transition a complex sale into a simple sale.

Once again, the power of ‘NO’ is often overlooked in our quest to hear a ‘YES’.

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