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The CLEAR-PRECISE TEST: Test your presentations CP levels to close more deals

Published: 3 years 2 days ago

Do you talk too much?  How many of you have ever talked yourself OUT of a sale?

Alas, it happens to almost everyone.

An old saying that compliments this observation goes something like this:  “You were born with two ears and one mouth – practice listening twice as much as you speak.”

That’s all well and good, but how do I really know IF I have this problem?  Good questions!

During our trainings in the field, iProcess has identified a few ‘self analysis’ tests a sales professional can employee to identify this, and other problems.

Regarding an issue of speaking too much and listening not enough, next time you are making a sales presentation to make sure you are talking (and listening) just the right amount to close a deal.


Sales people who talk too much by definition spend less than the required time listening to the customer.  To make sure you don’t fall into that trap, you should make sure that you and the customer are having a clear and precise conversation.  Such a discussion eliminates confusion, maintains consensus, and facilitates the closing opportunity.

Testing for CLEAR.

Two or three times throughout your sales presentation simply ask the following question:

“Mr. Prospect, can you help clarify that concern for me?”  Another way to ask the question is ask them to ‘Elaborate.’  This will result in two things – the conversation should slow as the customer gathers their thoughts, and the associated benefit is that whatever topic of concern is being discussed will become clear as a bell.

Testing for PRECISE.

The other component is that often when we listen, we do not always COMPREHEND what is being said.  We may hear one thing when the customer is trying to transfer a thought or idea that is radically different than what we perceive.  Here is an example:  “That’s all good Mr. salesperson.  You are still too expensive, I’ll stay where I’m at.”

The sales facilitator will often accept what is said and process that information as relating to the area he or she feels most defensive, such as application fees or equipment costs.  In reality, the customer may be seeing things from a completely different perspective.

At this point make things PRECISE.  Do so by reiterating what was heard and becoming specific, then ask for confirmation.

“We’re too expensive.  I’ve asked you to elaborate on that already, and to be precise, do you mean the equipment cost or the processing fees.  We are already saving you four hundred dollars a year and providing complimentary equipment.”

“It’s not that.  I’m faced with a cancellation fee!”

Boom!  Here’s a new wrinkle that you may have overlooked if you didn’t employ the CLEAR-PRECISE test!

iProcess routinely collects data regarding the sales challenges faced by agents, and we can state with certainty that a large portion of sales opportunities are missed when the agent and customer miss-communicate.  Employing a simple test such as this in your presentations can significantly reduce these missteps to concluding the sale and wining a new customer.

To learn more about establishing effective communication skills when dealing with a potential customer, click HERE.

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