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Thoughts from the iProcess Team


Lost in Translation?

Are your messages getting lost in translation? 
iProcess Admin submitted 2 years 287 days ago

Use a Lure

Use the right lure for the right prospect.
iProcess Admin submitted 2 years 293 days ago

Your alter-ego: Sales Lessons learned from Comic Book heroes

Almost every super hero seems to protect a secret identity. Superman guards his Clark Kent persona, and Batman hides in the shadows of Bruce Wayne’s psyche – or maybe visa versa. As sales people, we too have an alter ego – husband or wife, father or mother, friend or parent to some, and super busy sales person to others.
iProcess Admin submitted 2 years 307 days ago

Change the Station

Today we're doing things a little differently.  Instead of a written blog, we thought we'd share a
iProcess Admin submitted 2 years 328 days ago

The CLEAR-PRECISE TEST: Test your presentations CP levels to close more deals

Do you talk too much?  How many of you have ever talked yourself OUT of a sale?Alas, it happens to
iProcess Admin submitted 2 years 363 days ago

Starship Selling: iProcess and our ‘3-stage’ sales rocket

iProcess believes we have discovered a rocket engine you can strap to your sales career that just might help lift you past gravity and into the sales stratosphere. A sales presentation that is direct, easy to understand, and produces favorable results.
iProcess Admin submitted 3 years 19 days ago

Advertising Advocate: Turning family and friends into walking billboards

Developing your contacts into ‘advertising advocates’ is a cost effective method to attract new business opportunities, create a Mega-Pipe, and lesson your need to conduct lengthy prospecting excursions.
iProcess Admin submitted 3 years 40 days ago

Un-Selling: The power of NO when closing a deal

It seems so many sales books are in a race to get the customer to say ‘yes’ that the power of ‘no’
iProcess Admin submitted 3 years 103 days ago

Selling made SIMPLE: Simple vs. Complex Sales

Did you know there are scientific principles which dictate how sales occur? That there is a
iProcess Admin submitted 3 years 153 days ago

Mega-Pipe: Creating a virtually inexhaustible lead resource

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in any sales organization.  “I know I can close
iProcess Admin submitted 3 years 158 days ago

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A Taste of Our Own Medicine

At iProcess, we’re like everyone else.  Sometimes it seems that the pressures of the “Day to day” get in the way of the strategic long term goals. 

One of our long-term goals was to bring relevant, industry specific, valuable information to our members on a frequent, regular basis.  

So here we go:  We are rededicating ourselves with a promise to you, our members.  Twice a week, minimum, we are going to be bringing you new, relevant information in the form of our blog.  Check out our newest, and first of more regular blog posts below:

Five-Minute Flex Sales Strategy Program

Let's flex our Sales MusclesHave you ever struck a pose and ‘flexed’ your muscles?  Sure, we all have – and for many, the look is sometimes comical.  Few people are gifted with the body of a Dwayne Johnston or Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Nevertheless, ‘flexing’ ones muscles provides you the opportunity to take a quick visual inventory on muscle tone, definition, and overall muscle mass.

 You may even smile when your physique develops into something one can be proud of!

 How does this have anything to do with selling?

 Good question.  Our answer?  You asked for this!

 Many agents and sales people enjoy our iProcess website.  Yet we have had requests for a section that could focus on one aspect of our training system – to discuss one single item in such a way that within a few minutes an agent could uncover something to build their ‘sales muscle’.

 Our answer is our ‘Five-Minute Flex’ Blog

 Every week we will introduce a topic.  Our discussion will be on a specific area of opportunity.  The topic will be dictated by our membership – simply email the topic you wish us to discuss and we will get it on our blog.

 The discussion will be limited to just a few hundred words, and will also include a link to whatever section of the iProcess website that could provide a ‘deeper dive’ for those so interested.

Again – relevant, easy-to-absorb, produces a specific positive result, and requires only a few minutes of your time.

 So let’s start building our ‘sales muscles’