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Taking your first steps as an iPro


The payment processing industry continues to evolve.  At one time changes occurred over years.  Today, change can occur over months, weeks and even days.  Getting a leg up over the competition has never been so important.

New sales people working in the payments industry require an ‘edge’ if they are to have a real opportunity to grow and establish themselves in this highly competitive, yet lucrative, sales industry.

iProcess can be that edge.

This is the only solution that has been designed for agents by agents, taking into account the key concerns faced by agents new to the processing industry:

  • How effective is the program?
  • How accessible is the information?
  • How costly is the product?

How soon can I see results?

Answering the doubts in your mind.

Let’s overcome these objections out of the gate –

First, the information, processes, and action plans listed herein have been years in the making.  Agents, sales managers, and processors have benefited from the knowledge now gathered together in one convenient product.  Hundreds of agents have put the products and programs to good use to find sales success.  In short, the system works.

Second, the program is available via the web regardless of the device you are using.  Windows, IOS or Android.  Smart phones, laptops, desktops or tablets.   Our site is optimized to promote rapid load times and includes a search feature to assist you getting to the information you need as quickly as possible.

Third, we have one pricing structure for full access.  That cost is merely $9.95 a month.  For this investment you receive the entire iProcess system including our database of over 200 vertical markets, a complete step-by-step guide to developing a successful sales agency, and our iProficiency mentor that answers hundreds of industry specific questions.  Our resource database alone provides hundreds of pages of downloadable content with new resources appearing weekly!

Fourth, agents who follow this Jumpstart Guideline can implement our program and see results immediately – based upon your definition of ‘results’.  A sale is an event that culminates at the conclusion of a sales process, thus the name ‘iProcess’.  You are the ‘i’ and as such must implement a ‘Process’ to succeed.  Jumpstart is designed to walk you step by step through a successful launch phase of iProcess.  Embrace the program and you can be working on your sales process immediately.  The sales WILL come to those who are dedicated, hard workers, and committed.

Jumpstart Guide Overview

The Jumpstart Guide is broken down into 6 activities.  Each activity will introduce you to various sections of iProcess, and each activity has a specific goal for you to achieve.

At the conclusion of the 5th activity, you will have attained a working knowledge of iProcess along with the achievement of several key ‘milestones’ necessary to achieve sales success.

Each activity requires you to read a section (or sections) within iProcess.  You will be provided a link to click on which will take you to the specific section if you use the guide electronically.

Each activity also requires you to perform key essential activities and interact with the resources section of iProcess.

Once you have completed an activity, you are encouraged to proceed to the next activity listed.

DO NOT SKIP ACTIVITIES.  Our Jumpstart Guide works because each activity level is based upon the proper completion of the proceeding activities.  Again, selling is a process.  Not taking the tie to lay the proper foundation will most often result in failure to achieve your sales goals down the road.

DO NOT RUSH.  We have had agents complete the Jumpstart Guide in a matter of several days, and other take weeks to implement the activities outlined in each step.  There is no ‘time requirement’, nor ‘deadline’ you face.  All we ask is that you proceed at your own pace, with the goal to be as thorough and results oriented as possible.