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Closing Sales and Opening Doors

Now you are ready to make presentations and close sales.  Review the following sections and prepare to win some relationships and begin to earn a fantastic income!

Homework – Review the sections and as an added optional assignment, review the entire section of Pathfinder dealing with Chapters 9-11 (if you are new to the industry)

ADDITIONAL STUDY – IF you are a complete novice in merchant services, you may also review other sections of Pathfinder to learn more about statements, interchange, etc.   It is our recommendation that you do NOT become fixated on these specific details until the need to do so becomes relevant.  In our experience, you may actually interact with iProcess as your sales efforts continue and learn about such concerns as your presentations grow in frequency.  In addition, do not forgo the resources of your processing relationship.  They will typically assist in statement analysis, etc. while you are learning the ropes, and iProcess will assist in you achieving competency across the various learning requirements.

Eventually, most agents will cover again and again most of the data found in our website – which at last count covers literally hundreds and hundreds of pages!  The moral of the story – don’t try to boil the ocean.  Use what you can absorb, and know we will always be available for you!