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Creating a Sales Campaign

This section will address the items instrumental in proving your unique value when you speak with your prospects. As such we will cover items such as creating a personal a business plan, creating a personal brand, identifying WHAT PRODUCTS AND VALUE ADD SERVICES will you provide to make you ‘unique’ and how you will begin your outreach efforts by phone and in person.

Homework – This is a very intense activity and may take a few days to complete – or even significantly longer. Do NOT despair! Once mastered, this will create the activity foundation for your sales activities over the next SEVERAL WEKS and perhaps MONTHS! Plus, the work you do now will provide the basis for which you can develop a highly effective vertical market!

SUGGESTED PRACTICE – Take time to create a business plan, then revisit your natural market list thinking about WHAT you will discuss with each person. Is the prospect to be a referral partner or a potential client? Make notes in the excel sheet before you begin the next activity of outreaches