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Establishing Key Vertical Markets

By now you have created a natural market, outreached to customers, made presentations and even established a business model.  You are well on your way to success!

As an additional outreach resource, it is time to take your VMARC scores and identify key vertical markets to develop and exploit.  Remember, you will apply what you have learned in creating your natural market to identifying and developing your key vertical markets.

At this point creating a vertical market proficiency will not be a challenge based upon the actions you have done to date.   Most agents have told us that this actually becomes very pleasurable, and the best part is the high level of creativity that comes into play.

ADDED BONUS – as a reward for your hard work, iProcess will present to you a gift – hundreds of lead opportunities based upon your geography and vertical market proficiency.  This is our way of saying thank you for becoming an iPro!

Homework – create your vertical market and begin your outreach campaign the same way you created your vertical market campaign!

Employ your action plan skills and establish production goals, and above all else, sell, enjoy and be productive!

Moving forward

We have enjoyed working with you and look forward to bringing you more resources in the coming months and years.  Use our program to assist sub agents working beneath you to see success such as yours.

Please refer as many agents to iProcess as possible – the more agents we support, the more revenue we can generate which in turn can be invested back into our service.

This is as much a passion as a program, and we thank you for your continued support!