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Identifying your Natural Market

This activity will provide the new agent a foundation from which you can develop a host of referral advocates as well as sales prospects.  Although we will discuss important factors such as developing your personal brand, product information, and even basic merchant processing information in the next section we are asking you to create your natural market inventory FIRST so as not to ‘prejudge’ opportunities.

As such, there are only a few sections for you to review and one document to download from the resources section.

TAKE YOUR TIME and be as THOROUGH AND EXHAUSTIVE AS POSSIBLE when completing this activity.

The more expansive your natural market, the more effective will your sales efforts become!

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Homework – print out the excel sheet and create your list of outreaches.  100 contact names and appropriate contact data is the minimum acceptable goal, with no upward limit.  The more exhaustive and thorough the list, the better for you in the long run!

STRETCH GOAL – use the excel sheet and focus on identifying 150 relationships, including all pertinent contact data.  Place them in the relevant categories.  Then take time off for good behavior.

SUPER ACHIEVER GOAL – our feedback shows agents who are able to create a natural market inventory of 275+ contacts surpass their sales goals nearly 100% of the time!  One final observation – over ten percent of our agents create initial natural markets with over 350+ contacts.  Do NOT prejudge – this activity is all about populating your database.  The next section covers how to outreach to your potential customers!