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Introduction to iProcess

Welcome to iProcess – Sell Payment Processing like a PRO!  

This section is designed to provide you with the basics to facilitate your effective use of the iProcess sales support program.

Whether you are new to selling payment processing (also called ‘bankcard’ or ‘merchant services’) or a seasoned veteran leading several sub-agents, it is almost a certainty that there will be ample resources for you to take advantage of on our website.

The following information outlines sections of iProcess we encourage you to visit.  Each section has a brief description of what is being discussed, a link for you to click which will take you to the specific section discussed, and further links listed below the topic to provide additional support.

Homework – Take as much time as needed to explore as much of the iProcess website as you desire.  We will spend the next 5 activities directing you to perform key activities during your Jumpstart phase, but that should in no way limit or hamper your curiosity in exploring iProcess.  Eventually, you will use the entire resource when you have learned it’s ways.

Afterwards, take a few minutes to fill out your VMARC assessments and send to iProcess.  We will identify unique skills and experiences based upon your information and submit a few recommended vertical markets for you to research and develop.

That’s it for this section!