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Pathfinder - your guide to selling credit card processing like a pro!Designed to take you step-by-step through the iProcess development program for sales professionals in the Bankcard industry, Pathfinder offers an immersive and thought provoking experience.

Pathfinder is composed of 10 sections, each divided into chapters.  There are 36 chapters in all.

For those who are new to iProcess, we have provided a sample of each chapter for your review, whereas our iPro members have complete access to Pathfinder.

As a bonus, section 9 – chapter 24 is open for review.  Take a look at this section and chapter and judge first hand if Pathfinder may be something of value.  This particular section discusses a common area of concern – outreaching and prospecting.  We hope you enjoy!

The following provides a snapshot as to what is contained in each section

Simple and Complex sales

Section 1 – Understanding the Decision Making Process

iProcess will introduce our thoughts on the decision making process, as we help you understand the universal process that surrounds sales decisions.  From simple to complex sales, Pathfinder will then introduce the C3 concept, an innovative approach to selling.  Easy and intuitive, C3 will impact the way you look selling!

Section 2 – How do I ‘Facilitate’ a Sale?4 Pillars of Success

With our understanding of the decision making process behind a sale, iProcess will help you find your place in the mechanics of the sale.  As a sales facilitator, you will be introduced to the four pillars of the sale, and we will conclude this section by offering a glimpse into Pathfinder and how the remaining 8 sections will unfold.

Credit cards then and nowSection 3 – Payment Processing Basics – Then and Now

Having addressed the decision making process in previous chapters, iProcess wants to provide you a compressed history as we look at how the payment processing industry evolved into the behemoth it is today.  We then look at the players in the industry from associations and acquirers, on down the alphabet.

Section 4 – Transactions, Consumers and Merchants

iProcess will introduce two important cogs of the payment processing multi-trillion dollar machine - consumers and merchants.  Understanding how they interact will assist in the development of key sales strategies.  Becoming familiar with the various forms of a transaction (sale) is vital when working with merchants.

Section 5 – Interchange

One of the most challenging aspects of the payments industry is interchange.  Understanding this concept is key if one is to become a true professional in the industry.  iProcess explains the relationship between issuer and acquirer, demystifies interchange, and clarifies processing statements.

dollarsSection 6 – Demystifying the Primary Payment Processing Costs

Most merchants and many agents are at a loss when it comes to the fees assessed to businesses accepting card payments.  iProcess addresses the majority of these questions in this section.  From processing fees, equipment costs, and the various contractual elements a merchant is faced with, iProcess will discuss most concerns!

Credit Card Processing StatementSection 7 – Becoming Proficient with Payment Processing Statements

Many sales agents consider the ability to read, analyze, and manipulate statement data a vital skill set to develop.  Most third party payment processors have teams who will review statements for agents, yet few help agents understand the aspects of a statement.  iProcess can help you, as we have devoted an entire chapter on this!

Business PlanSection 8 – Creating a Business Plan for the PaymentProcessing Sales Professional

Most agents require a road map to go from point A to point B.  The best road map is a comprehensive one, and that roadmap for a new agent is their business plan.  iProcess can help you identify and craft a business plan with the payment processing industry in mind.  We offer our 6 Step Success Plan as an option!

ProspectingSection 9 – Outreaching and Prospecting

Prospecting is a key concern of new and seasoned agents.  iProcess provides a clear and effective action plan, one that is intuitive, but also simple to master.  Each step of the outreach process is covered, including how to address career changes, tools to use to manage your activities, even our VMARCS program for vertical markets!

Sell like a pro!Section 10 – Sell Payment Processing like a PRO in 3 EasySteps

We conclude our PATHFINDER section with our iProcess – Sell payment Processing like a PRO in 3 Easy Steps.  Building upon the preceding 9 sections, this final discussion will empower most agents, enabling them to understand, identify, and provide effective solutions to help customers make purchasing decisions.  Best of all, most decisions will conclude in a sale! We even cover objections and closes!

iProcess - Sell Payment Processing like a Pro!