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Chapter 33 – Step 2 The Confirmation Phase

Transitioning to the card payments industry is often a two-edged sword: potentially a financially rewarding endeavor, yet often difficult for the sales professional new to an unfamiliar industry. This program is designed to assist both new and seasoned veterans attain true financial success by employing a simple and effective sales process.


IProcess utilizes a simple, direct, and highly effective sales process designed to maximize the C3 concept of purchasing behavior. Step 1, the qualification phase, lays the foundation for the sale to occur.


iProcess continues to rely upon the C3 aspects of purchasing behavior.

Step 2, the confirmation phase, seeks to secure consensus between the sales facilitator, the potential client, and the solution model.


iProcess concludes the sales process by insuring the C3 concept of purchasing behavior is satisfied. In Step 3, the consensus-close phase, the solution model is presented as a means to achieve the goals set forth by the client and the sales advocate. *Conditions to the sale are agreed upon and the sale is consummated.

*In order to achieve high C3 levels we often, as sales facilitators, must remove obstacles between the purchaser and achieving their desire. The use of ‘closing arguments’ is actually a means to ‘open dialogue’ to empower the customer. We discuss these, and other aspects of the consensus - close,, in detail in our wrap-up section.

 iPROCESS - Knowing the Industry

Section 10 - Sell Payment Processing like a PRO in 3 Easy Steps

“You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence is not an event - it is a habit.”
- Aristotle

Step 2 – The Confirmation Phase

This is the second step of the sales process and, yet again, odds are you have already performed some of the confirmation phase during your interactions in step 1.

In this phase, you will focus on the ‘blueprint aspects’ of the sale.

What does this mean?

The Confirmation PhaseThe confirmation phase identifies issues and resolutions, focuses on achieving agreement between sales facilitator and business owner such that the needs, concerns and issues are addressed AND RESOLVED by the solution proposed by the sales facilitator.

We refer to this as ‘blueprinting’ for three very good reasons:

First, as a mental picture, before a house is constructed, blueprints are created to ensure the final product will meet the needs, concerns and issues of the homeowner. A house built without plans will not meet the needs of the homeowners, and an architect will always seek the input of the homeowner. The confirmation step supplies the BLUEPRINT of what they will buy, and directly affects the close.

Second, the confirmation phase is where you will match solutions to the prospects needs, concerns and issues and as such, if performed correctly, will include many instances where the sales facilitator will ask for the business owner to affirm or deny the various aspects of the solution. Thus, if completed properly, the solution will mirror in most regards what the client wishes to purchase!

I’ll say it another way – the confirmation phase is where you and a merchant create a sales solution together, thus, the final product will be something the merchant would readily purchase!

Third, the confirmation phase may occur seamlessly as the qualification phase concludes. This is common in one call closes – the process is so dynamic and fluid, or the urgency (or excitement) so intense, that the process continues uninterrupted.

A conversation that’s full of starts and stops, confirmations and suppositions.

As stated in the previous chapter, we believe the ‘sale’ is secured in how well you develop your relationship in the qualification phase. Yet we still require you to have a solution to sell…this happens in the confirmation phase. Together with the business owner, you will ‘craft’ a solution that addresses their needs, concerns and issues you identified in the previous section.

Sales conversationJust as many agents mistakenly believe that the ‘close’ is where the sale is made, those same agents typically...

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