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Chapter 6 - Introduction to the Four Key Competency’s of Success

Transitioning to the card payments industry is often a two-edged sword: potentially a financially rewarding endeavor, yet often difficult for the sales professional new to an unfamiliar industry. This program is designed to assist both new and seasoned veterans attain true financial success by employing a simple and effective sales process. 

Chapter 6 - Introduction to the Four Key Competency’s of Success 

“Good ideas are common – what’s uncommon are people who will work hard enough to bring them about.” -Ashleigh Brilliant 

Section 2 Review: 

To reiterate, the remainder of Pathfinder will focus on you, the sales consultant, who we hope will embrace the role of sales facilitator. 

Using a step-by-step approach, each chapter will address, in sequential order, the education process you can follow to transition from novice to expert within your sales field. 

So lets begin. Moving forward, a sales consultant will be referred to as a sales facilitator. A sales facilitator: 

  1. Possesses special knowledge and skills 
  2. Provides that expertise to a client 
  3. Through ‘persuasion’ induces the client to buy 
  4. Charges a fee as a result of the consultation 

In each of the remaining sections of Pathfinder, chapter by chapter, ....

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