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Chapter 29 - Your Vertical Market, Part 4

Transitioning to the card payments industry is often a two-edged sword: potentially a financially rewarding endeavor, yet often difficult for the sales professional new to an unfamiliar industry. This program is designed to assist both new and seasoned veterans attain true financial success by employing a simple and effective sales process.


Discovering potential clients requires a process be implemented and an action plan established. Gone are the days of random cold-calling and door knocking when a focused campaign will be much more effective. We discuss our two-prong approach and walk you through the process.


The first market you should target are those who know you and may become your strongest advocates. But how does one go about finding this market, much less developing it? We cover a an effective and easy to implement action plan covering every step in this part of your prospecting campaign from identification to appointment.


The second market to develop relies upon your past work experience and industry familiarities to establish you as a SPECIALIST in the marketing, selling, and support of payment processing services to specific vertical markets. IProcess has the specific industry knowledge on over 200 vertical markets to meet almost any sales professionals needs, and we cover every step in this part of your prospecting campaign from outreach to appointment.

“If people like you they will listen to you, but if they happen to trust you they will do business with you.”
-Zig Ziglar


STEP 4 – Establishing your Vertical Market Proficiencies

There is no law that says an agent must support just one market. Indeed, many of the top agents have several markets they support.

Markets can be identified by many factors – geography for example. Many agents will choose to work a specific market based upon proximity to where they live.

Some agents will establish centers of influence and create ‘micro markets’ around a specific organization or networking group. As an example, many agents join organizations such as Business Networking International (BNI). Agents who have joined that networking group may have a specific outreach campaign exclusive to members of the organization.

Matching Outreach Process to Specific Markets

NetworkingCreating your natural market not only provided you an opportunity to identify people you know, which typically provides you an advantage when you are seeking to sell your services. It also provided you an opportunity to discover first hand HOW to create a market and begin an effective outreach campaign.

Yes, THIS is the iProcess way to prospect. Organized, efficient, and productive.

Now that you have been working your natural market, it may be time to add a few markets to your list of outreach opportunities.

Here are a few examples:

Referral Markets

These are markets designed to provide you referrals for business opportunities as well as potential business relationships with members of the referral group. The following is a short-list of opportunities:

    • Your local Chamber of Commerce
    • Your local Business Networking International Group (BNI)
    • Your local Masters of Business Group (MOB)
    • Your local Rotary Group
    • Your local Young Business Professionals (YBP) Group
    • Your local Women in the Marketplace Group

And the list goes on and on. Use Google. Look up ‘networking groups’ in your area, or simply visit the local Chamber of Commerce and ask them which networking groups exist in your area. Make an outreach to them, and attend an event. Most will provide you the opportunity to attend a meeting where you can meet members, ask questions, and deter mine if it is the right fit for you.

Bank and Credit Union Markets

Banks and Credit Unions are great referral partnersThese are much more difficult to establish, but for many agents, represent the ‘Holy Grail’ in business opportunities (iProcess is preparing to release an entire section focused on establishing bank and credit union relationships. Email us if you want to be notified when this section is made available).

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