Resources Introduction

Our RESOURCES section is a potential game-changer in defining sales and service support for agents in the payment-processing industry.

Containing thousands of pages of data, the iProcess RESOURCES section provides a knowledge database that powers our on-site logic engine. 

If you find yourself marveling at how the system answers your questions, and detect a hint of sarcasm or even humor, it is due in part to the algorithms we maintain to provide both current and relevant responses to your questions.

Our RESOURCES section contains a ton of information, including such key items as:

  • Vertical Market Database – a complete listing of over 200 extensive vertical market listings including specific insights into the market
  • Vertical Market/Merchant Appetite Guide – an extensive research project that identifies the likelihood that a specific business will benefit from specific products
  • Glossary of Payment Industry Terms – an easy to use and extensive listing of key terms, products and concepts used in the payments processing field
  • Support Documents – each Pathfinder Chapter, once absorbed, creates a need for an agent to have supporting documents and tools.  Within our RESOURCES database are hundreds of word docs, excel and PDF files waiting for your use
  • In addition there are hundreds of additional files which will be released over the months and years to provide an ever expanding encyclopedia of knowledge and tools for your use

And unlike some programs, one affordable monthly price – pennies a day – unlocks this valuable tool, as well as our Pathfinder and Proficiency sections.

One final note.

The iProcess RESOURCE database has been developed to provide tools, which have been field-tested and designed to provide maximum support with minimum effort.  We take pleasure in helping agents unlock their hidden talents and find lasting success within the merchant services industry.

Our commitment is to expand and improve on our program – so you can grow and succeed.

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