Vertical Markets

iProcess has developed a resource to help sales facilitators differentiate themselves from the pack. Best of all, we develop the agents specialization organically, using their unique work history experience, as well as those skills and strengths developed supporting businesses over the years.

So what IS a vertical market?

A vertical market is an industry or group of enterprises in which similar products or services are either sold, developed or marketed using similar and consistent methods. Some examples of vertical markets are: restaurants, insurance, banking, manufacturing, retail, education, healthcare, government, etc.

As is readily apparent throughout iProcess, we use a logic hierarchy to present information in a manor that promotes knowledge retention and rapid understanding.

Our vertical market system is based on a hierarchy as well. By separating vertical markets into broader classifications, an agent may better understand both the strategic as well as tactical approach necessary to prospect, engage, and sell to merchants.

Specifically, iProcess has designed the system by:

  • Creating over a dozen categories for an agents quick reference
  • Each category is separated into several distinct vertical markets
  • Each vertical market is identified by MCC classification
  • Additionally, unique data is provided identifying key interest factors business owners operating in the vertical market have shared with iProcess
  • A Merchant Appetite Guide outlining additional key data is included in each vertical market description

Identifying a vertical market and developing your vertical market prospecting campaign is extremely important if one is to grow a significant portfolio and develop business advocate relationships.

iProcess hopes that by providing this vertical market database along with our PATHFINDER guide - our step-by-step system to help you implement a real action plan - you can achieve early sales success and consistent business growth.

VMARCS – For those who are not certain as to which direction to go regarding vertical market specialization, iProcess provides a service that may be of help. By reviewing your work history, iProcess will attempt to point you towards vertical markets that may be of interest to you!

We can do this with a little assistance from you. We require some personal information which we gather using our VMARC forms. VMARC stands for Vertical MARket Co-efficient Score. Simply fill out one form for every position you have held over the past ten years. Submit these to iProcess, and one of our coaches will review your history and supply some suggestions as to which vertical markets you show potential aptitude.