The associations sector affords the agent a broad opportunity to build relationships and sales.  Associations typically fall into two categories – consumer focused and business focused.

  • Consumer focused associations serve individuals or families.  Examples range from national organizations such as the YMCA, Knights of Columbus, and The American Cancer Society.  Local associations such as youth sports clubs, local charities and even non-profits should be explored.
  • Business focused associations serve business relationships.  Examples range from national organizations such as the American Chiropractic Association, the American Medical Association, and the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association.  Local associations exist, such as the Chamber of Commerce, your local Business Network International (BNI) group and a Downtown Business Owners association.

Business focused associations afford the agent an opportunity to provide a unique benefit to all members of the association that might open tremendous sales opportunities.  Becoming the ‘preferred merchant services provider’ for such an organization could be a tremendous boon to your business model.

A unique opportunity when servicing businesses in this vertical market is for you to become a member of these associations.  Joining associations that align with your particular business model focus is also a wise and beneficial practice.

Do not invest significant time or energy on the larger national accounts unless you have a unique advantage that will bring you to the top decision makers.  There are literally thousands of opportunities in this vertical market.