The entertainment market is a very diverse market, and affords the agent an opportunity to establish networking relationships and sales opportunities that may also provide exposure to influential marketing opportunities as well.  Businesses in this field are diverse, and can be grouped into three broad classifications:

  • Sports entertainment encompasses such businesses as sports teams, ballparks, local sporting events and venues.  Not only the business, but the peripheral businesses that support the primary business may be included as well, such as the gift stores, restaurants and quick service beverage and snack stands that support such venues.
  • Personal entertainment encompasses such businesses as escort services, dating services and clubs, and the entire adult services industry that has blossomed with the advent of the Internet.
  • Family entertainment encompasses such businesses from movie theaters, dance halls, and videotape rentals to trailer parks, public golf courses and bowling alleys.

Sometimes, the entertainment market may often ‘cohabitate’ with other vertical markets.  As an example, a sports franchise that sells tickets and sportswear at a stadium might also own stores in the retail space that do the same.

A unique opportunity when servicing such businesses in this vertical market is for you identify marketing relationships where you can gain exposure via advertising to businesses by placing ads at the venues, whether they are bowling alleys, stadiums, or even theaters.

Some relationships may be so large that they may have long-term agreements with their current processor.  Also, to gain maximum credibility it is often a good idea to cultivate as many qualification relationships as possible, such as joining associations that may help you become even more familiar with the issues faced by such organizations.

Once again, we encourage you not to invest significant time or energy on the larger national accounts unless you have an advantage that will bring you to the top decision makers.  There are thousands of opportunities both local and national to explore and develop.