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What are VMARCS?

In order to assist sales professionals identify vertical market proficiencies, iProcess developed a system to help identify a possible avenue of exploration and discovery.

VMARCS is a tool we use to do just that.

The premise is simple.

We first identify an agents work history.  From there, we dig deeper and uncover additional details that explain the experience and knowledge the agent achieved in that industry.

Vertical MarketsWe not only look at time spent in the industry, we also analyze other variables to help gauge how much practical experience and industry insight the agent possesses – valuable information when assessing ones affinity and aptitude towards a vertical market.

How do we get this data?

We do this by asking a series of easy to answer questions.

Does this require a lot of writing?

No!  And this isn’t the inquisition.  Most are simple yes or no questions, some numbers for you to fill in, with a few questions that do require a few words on your part.

As we said…easy.

We assemble the data and apply a simple algorithm to determine the overall familiarity and competency one has with a particular business, and then match that business to a specific vertical market.

The resulting number is a score referred to as a vertical market coefficient.  To clarify:

  • We ask an agent to fill out a form that provides simple yet vital information regarding their work history
  • We compile this data and apply an algorithm to gauge the agents potential aptitude and competency when supporting this vertical market
  • The result is a numeric value we refer to as the agent’s coefficient of market affinity.
  • Using this score we can provide a recommendation as to which vertical market the agent may enjoy supporting on their quest to become a specialist.

We affectionately refer to the number derived as an agents VMARCS, which stands for Vertical MARket Coefficient Score.  As a coefficient, the score is typically assigned to a vertical market.  


The electronic form we use to provide this service is found under the heading VMARCS at the top of the iProcess Portal.  An agent may click on the form and fill out the information.  Then save and submit.  An iProcess specialist will review the results and send you an email with some suggestions as to which vertical markets you may wish to support and develop into a specialization.

Keep in mind these are suggestions only, and you are welcome to follow your heart and attack any, or as many, vertical markets you desire.

To get the most out of VMARCS, here are a few helpful suggestions:

  • Fill out one VMARCS for each job or career position you have held
  • We identify you by email address, so make sure you include this on each VMARCS sheet
  • We have found that VMARCS covering the past ten years of work experience seem to work best.  If you wish us to review your entire work history, you must send in a VMARCS for each position held.
  • Our results indicate that what you have done the past ten years is your strongest work history asset.
  • Fill out each VMARCS sheet as thoroughly as possible, yet we do not require a book.  Answer the questions (many are yes or no), be honest, and take this for what it is – a suggestion NOT a guarantee.

The following provides a quick sample of the process:

When Benny approached iProcess, he was anxious to start closing deals.  He wanted to apply a process to his activities, not just randomly knocking on   doors. When he thought about vertical marketing proficiencies, he was again confused. He had held several jobs the last ten years. How should he proceed?

Benny answered the questions on the VMARCS sheets, and submitted them   covering the last four jobs he had held in the last ten years.

iProcess indicated he had strong affinities in the restaurant field, as well as   moderate affinities in both automotive sales and copier sales.

iProcess shared with him suggestions on a few vertical markets he should e  xplore. Benny was able to get is VMARCS number, which combined with the   vertical market, provided an indication as to where he might see success.

This is some of the data iProcess shared with Benny:

  • VMARCS at 11 - Auto, Truck and RV with high affinity shown for MCC 5521 (Auto and Truck Dealers, USED) and MCC 7531 (Auto Body Repair Shops)
  • VMARCS at 9 – Restaurants, with high affinity shown for MCC 5462 (Bakeries)

Benny used this data and sure enough, with effort, some creativity, and a   compelling action plan, began to see sales results.

Benny researched both vertical market general categories, and settled on developing two specific and complimentary vertical market categories into specializations.

Thus, Benny had a direction and a focus. He implemented a plan!

Would you like to experience the VMARCS process?

Take a few minutes and submit your requests for a VMARCS review. There is no cost and no obligation!

Let iProcess help you discover where your skills may lie, and offer suggestions as to which vertical markets you should explore.

A sample VMARCS survey has been included for your review. 


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